On July 6, 2011, we found out that our lives would be forever changed: we were going to have a baby! As the pregnancy progressed, we were ecstatic to find out that we were having a baby girl.


However, on January 24, 2012, everything changed.


That day, our baby’s movements were unexpectedly still. We called the doctor, who told us to come in for a quick check to monitor our baby’s movements. Feeling a little relief, we headed to the hospital.


Once we got to the triage room, the nurse squirted the gel on our pregnant belly and ran the doppler again and again… there was deafening silence. Doctors and nurses came in and confirmed what they already knew: our baby had died. Jane was born still on January 25, 2012.


After leaving the hospital, as grief settled into every corner of our lives, we knew two things. We wanted to keep Jane’s memory alive, and we wanted to make a difference for parents and families finding themselves in a situation similar to ours. 


One of many things that happened while at the hospital was the need for Bob and our extended family to be in the general labor and delivery waiting room. Although this is typically a place to rejoice over new life, we were there in shock and grieving the loss of Jane. In fact, two other families were there at the same time, celebrating their respective births as we grieved. It was uncomfortable for everyone.


And this is where the idea of Jane’s Room began. We have become advocates for parents and families experiencing pregnancy loss, infant death, or hardship while at the hospital, seeking to give them the space they need.


While our story is unique, we are not alone. Out of our deep grief over the loss of our baby, Jane’s Room came to life and is providing for families in need. We are honored to lead the way in providing rooms of respite in hospitals and medical centers where families can gather and find a way forward together.

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